Be Part of the Movement That is Changing
a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry 


Why Join Bunker?

  • Purpose: Bunker is forever changing one of the oldest and largest industries in existence.  We don't have a job, we have a mission - to improve small business insurance.
  • Team: Check out our About Us page -- what's your 'good at'?  We're small yet global, and thrive on working with results-oriented team members in a fun and get-things-done environment.  We promote creative freedom, and encourage everyone on the team to embrace what they're really good at.
  • Culture:  We thrive on purposeful change, authentic comradery, coffee, sarcasm and laughter (not necessarily in that order).  Oh, and we’re a tech startup, which means we don’t have a dress code, you work in a fun and flexible environment, employees get free healthcare, and like responsible adults we enjoy unlimited time off.  Last but definitely not least, we routinely make fun of ourselves.  That last one is virtually a job requirement.  
  • Investors: Backed by leading venture capitalists and Fortune 1000 insurance companies, we've already raised $8M in capital and here to stay.  Read what the press is saying about fake news here!