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Small Business Resources

Tips, Spotlights, and Support for Independent Contractors & Small Businesses

Certificate (COI) Tracking

Improve your Certificate of Insurance tracking processes with compliance tips, software tutorials, industry benchmarks, and more!

On-Demand Marketplaces

Learn about the flexible insurance options available to you and your workforce - including the Original Occupational Accident Insurance for the Gig Economy.


The Ready. Set. Work. Podcast

Ready. Set. Work. is a podcast series focused on the future of work, specifically highlighting all different perspectives from the gig economy, to on-demand platforms, and more. Join us each episode to hear from thought leaders paving the way for the future of work.

“The Future of Manufacturing” Ft. Veryable CEO & Co-founder, Mike Kinder

Jody Greenstone Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Business Talent Group

Wellness in the Workplace featuring Heather Waibel, CEO & Founder of Welnys