Bunker Emerges Victorious After Swimming With The Sharks

Bunker Awarded “Most Innovative Company in Staffing” at Staffing Industry Analysts’ Gig Economy Shark Tank

On Thursday, September 14th, five leaders of startup organizations took the stage at the Staffing Industry Analyst’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy to tell why their company deserved the title of “most innovative company in staffing”.

“This session is an opportunity to highlight some of the innovations happening around the workforce solutions ecosystem and hear firsthand how the founders of these firms interact and respond to a panel of industry veterans and investors,” said David Francis, senior research analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts.

In a standing-room only Shark Tank themed session, Bunker Co-Founder and CEO, Chad Nitschke, stared into the eyes of four staffing industry veterans, Jonathan Kestenbaum, managing director of Talent Tech Labs; Fabio Rosati, a board member, investor and former CEO of Elance & Upwork; Raza Syed, director, corporate development and partnerships at Indeed; and John Nurthen, executive director, global research, at Staffing Industry Analysts.

“Insurance was invented in the late 1600’s, and sadly, if I could wake someone up from that time period, I could probably get them fully up to speed on what has changed in about 20 minutes; not much has happened,” explained Chad as he started his Bunker pitch.  Chad then shared how Bunker is on a mission to seamlessly embed insurance when two organizations decide to do business together, like when an enterprise hires an independent contractor.

To conclude his 5-minute presentation, Chad unveiled Bunker’s launch of its first usage-based insurance products that allow independent contractors the ability to purchase short term insurance and get to work faster.  In collaboration with Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, independent contractors can now purchase coverage for one engagement, multiple engagements, or all engagements and tailor the coverage duration in short 3-month increments.  1 website, 2 minutes, 5 questions, and compliance can be achieved – it’s that easy!

After the dust settled from other staffing pitches, including Bonsai (Online freelancer tools and management system), Gustav (Open-source VMS), Koru (Predictive hiring) and Talentify (Automated talent sourcing), Bunker emerged as the judges top selection!

“Having seen plenty of the TV episodes, I knew today would be a fun and engaging experience,” said Chad holding the award. “The judges and crowd did not disappoint with their questions and support.  A huge thanks to SIA for giving us the opportunity and congrats to all of the finalists today.”

To find more information on Bunker’s usage-based insurance, visit Bunker’s website and start an instant chat session, email hello@buildbunker.com or call 1-866-420-0124.