Bunker Unveils Madison Office

Next Milestones Focused On Customer, Team & Community Impact

When building a business, there are many different milestones that make up the journey.  While financial milestones are obviously significant, team and cultural milestones should be celebrated with equal importance.  Over the past few weeks, we have experienced a fantastic company milestone that impacts both our employees and Madison community that we’ve chosen to grow – the opening of our first official office space in Madison!

A year ago, Bunker had two employees in Madison, working out of the former Great Midwest Bank on the Northside.  In early 2017, with five employees, we moved into 100 State, the co-working space off West Washington.  A few months later, in August, with employee count jumping to 12, we transplanted to a subleased space in Network 222 along West Washington.  Then, for a short time this fall, we occupied the former Associated Bank on the first floor of 202 State Street.

Today, the Madison office is 17 employees strong, and unveil our new office space on the third floor (Suite 300) of 202 State Street (above the Comedy Club)!

With headquarters in San Francisco and global investment partners, we’re often asked, “Why Madison?”  The short answer, it encompasses everything a blossoming company desires – an abundant, passionate workforce, a nationally-ranked lifestyle, leading insurance companies (important to us), attractive economics (compared to SF).  If you want the long answer, let’s grab a local craft brew and talk about it.

With our newly anointed space, and as a core tenant of our community involvement, we invite local small businesses, independent professionals, associations and events to leverage our space as a community hub.  Reach out to hello@buildbunker.com to inquire about using our space.

As we look forward to 2018, our eyes are set on our next milestones, growing our team and customer membership, as well as our impact in the Madison community.  If you, or someone you know, are interested in learning more about our team and working at Bunker, email careers@buildbunker.com.  I look forward to posting our next milestone accomplishment.