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When Bunker Drops The Mic, Publishers Pick It Up

1/19/2021 – Insurtech Insights highlights our new CEO, Jordan Simkin!

12/30/2019 – Bunker is featured in a four-part series by Spend Matters entitled, “Sourcing and Engaging the Independent/Freelance Workforce — An Emerging Ecosystem?

11/22/2019 – Spend Matters highlights Bunker as an influential company in the digital ecosystem supporting independent and contingent workers

9/19/2019 – Bunker is listed among Madison’s Best Places to Work in 2019, by Madison Magazine

9/19/2019 – Global insurer Chubb is driving innovation in insurtech, starting with a substantial investment in Bunker.

9/10/2019 – Spend Matters includes the launch of Bunker Enterprise in their coveted Afternoon Coffee segment

9/9/2019 – Yahoo Finance announces Bunker Enterprise, the first ever platform to combine compliance verification and monitoring, with non-compliance resolution.

9/9/2019Business Insider highlights the launch of Bunker Enterprise, the Easiest Compliance Verification Platform

9/9/2019 – Insurance News Net details Bunker’s new Enterprise Compliance Software

9/9/2019 – The launch of Bunker Enterprise becomes the most popular story on the Fine Globe International

9/9/2019 –  Market Cheetah flags the new Bunker Enterprise platform as a top release for agile businesses

7/30/2019 – Spend Matters explores what the Bunker, Aon partnership means for key players in the gig economy

7/26/2019 – Carrier Management details how our digital certificate management software will help Aon better serve the On-demand Economy

7/26/2019Reinsurance News covers Bunker and Aon’s partnership focusing on the Gig Exonomy

7/26/2019 – Life Insurance International highlights the Bunker-Aon Partnership

7/25/2019 – Insurtech News features Bunker’s new partnership with Aon

7/24/2019 – Aon officially announces our partnership, bringing global risk capabilities and cutting edge technology together to protect the gig economy.

7/24/2019Business Insurance highlights Bunker’s new partnership with Aon

6/2/2019 Venture Beat features Bunker in an article on private companies stepping up to provide gig workers with the benefits they need!

5/1/2019Carrier Management asked our CEO Chad on how Bunker conducts experiments, hackathons and innovation competitions as part of Bunker’s innovation toolkits.

2/13/2019 – Insurance Journal highlights our partnership with Chubb, and their growing digital marketplace.

1/30/19In Business Madison interviewed our CEO Chad for an in-depth look at the Live COI, and Bunkers continuing innovation!

1/28/19 HCM Technology Report announced Bunker’s Live COI in their weekly Roundup!

1/24/19 Insurance Business Magazine announces the launch of Bunker’s Live COI

1/23/19 – Carrier Management announces Bunker’s Latest Launch: the Live Certificate of Insurance..

1/23/19 Bunker Introduces Live Certificates of Insurance to Provide Real-Time Visibility into Insurance Policies via HR Technologist

1/23/19 – Spend Matters highlights Bunker’s new Live Certificate of Insurance in their Afternoon Coffee segment!

1/23/19 Bunker Launches Live Certificates of Insurance, A Modern Solution to Insurance Fraud and Non-Compliance via Business Insider

1/23/19 – Bunker’s Live COI makes headlines on Yahoo Finance

1/7/19 – @andrewkarpie recognizes Bunker in 5 Areas for Services Procurement Professionals to Watch in 2019

10/7/2018 – Bunker’s CEO and Co-Founder, Chad Nitschke is featured on the popular Business podcast, Tearsheet, to discuss insurance for freelancers

10/12/18- Bunker is in good company recognized as one of the top InsurTech 100 companies to watch via @FinTech Global

8/23/18 – Bunker is recognized in @CNNGig economy workers need benefits. These companies are popping up to help, for its innovative insurance solutions for freelancers

4/30/18@ElainePofeldt at @Forbes features Bunker’s new Occupational Accident Insurance, An Insurance Startup Pilots Coverage For Freelancers In Case of Workplace Accidents

4/17/18 – Bunker, an insurance industry startup, spans Silicon Valley and Madison via @CapTimes

3/29/18 – @InsuranceJournal features Bunker’s newest announcement, Chubb Invests in Startup Bunker to Develop Gig Worker Insurance

3/29/18 – Bunker Now Even More Amazing With UBI by Chubb via @Coverager

3/29/18 – Bunker Partners with Chubb to Accelerate New Insurance Product Development for the Future of Work via @PRNewswire

1/8/18 – @GallagherandCo1, in collaboration with Bunker, highlights an important topic for 2018, This Year’s Big Challenge: Integrating the Rapid Growth of On-Demand Talent, and discusses how Bunker’s platform helps to reduce a relationship barrier between enterprises and on-demand talent (independent contractor workforce) via @RecruitingDaily blog

1/6/18Bunker Technologies Opens New Office Space on Capital Square via @TheDailyTelescope

12/9/17 – @andrewkarpie at @SpendMatters shares an update on Bunker in State-of-the-Art Business Insurance for Contractors: An Update on Bunker

9/30/17@Forbes features Bunker How A San Francisco Startup Is Bringing, Yes, Excitement To Small-Business Insurance by @ElainePofeldt

9/15/17 – Gig-E Conference: Judges hear from 5 firms ‘Shark Tank’ style; Award goes to Bunker @SIAGigE

8/16/17 – @ChadNitschke bares all in @CarrierMgmt “Confessions of a Recovering Underwriter and #InsurTech Founder

5/31/17 – @_jeffbuchanan at Xconomy highlights Bunker in its review Gig Economy Growing in Wisconsin, Despite Early Pushback

5/11/17 – Contractor Insurance Innovator Bunker Raises $6M in Series A Round by @andrewkarpie at @spendmatters

5/11/17 – @InsuranceInsider, @CarrierMgmt, @iJournal and more all cover Bunker Advances Beyond Closed Beta and Raises $6M Series A to Accelerate Contract Insurance Marketplace

1/18/17 – @andrewkarpie at @spendmatters provides an industry perspective on Bunker: A New Platform Innovates Business Insurance for Self-Employed/Gig Workers

12/16/16 – @WisWendy at Madison, WI publication Isthmus highlights tech startup Bunker, which aims to take the hassle out of contract work.

8/3/16Carrier Management details Bunker’s beta launch and business model in an interview with @ChadNitschke, Bunker Co-Founder & CEO

8/3/16Yahoo Finance,, MarketWatch, Business Journals – Silicon Valley/San Francisco/Chicago and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are just a few that highlight Bunker’s historic beta launch: The Gig Economy Welcomes Its First Insurance Marketplace, ‘Bunker’, Propelling It From Stealth Into Private Beta

6/21/16 – @ChadNitschke, Bunker Co-Founder & CEO, discusses the basis for Bunker with @MLCWong at @CBInsights: Insurance Tech Newsletter: Q&A with Bunker Protect, Inc.

6/7/16Insurance Journal,, and VentureBeat highlight Bunker’s funding announcement: Insurance Startup in California Eyeing Gig Economy Opens $2M Seed Round