The New NetWORK

This summer, Team Bunker headed to Minneapolis for Contingent Staffing 2018. The peer-led conference brings together professionals across the many diverse industries supporting the gig economy. Bunker headed to the conference ready to network, with the hopes of learning more about the contingent staffing industry and how we can play a part within the process. Bunker hosted a booth with a simple sign asking a question on the minds of any contingent staffing professional: “What Makes an IC?” The answers were as varied as the attendees themselves. With definitions ranging from intricate tax codes to personal identification, the real takeaway was the future of work will be a learning experience for everyone involved.

On the first night of the conference, Bunker hosted an after hours networking event at Industrious Minneapolis, a coworking space just a few blocks away. We reached out to independent contractors, contingent staffing professionals and thought leaders, hoping to bring everyone together for a networking opportunity that spanned both sides of the contingent economy. We called our event The New Network. We chose a coworking space for the event as a symbol of the evolving workplace, and the importance of community in independence.

The event was a success, with professionals on all sides of the contingent workforce sharing cocktails, snacks, stories and wisdom. A few attendees agreed to share their unique vantage points on our podcast series, Ready. Set. Work. The podcast focuses on the future of work, specifically highlighting all different perspectives from the gig economy, to on-demand platforms, and more. It was great to hear from Dominic, a client solutions manager, and Samuel, a freelance graphic designer, who could shed light on the future of work from both sides of the path. They too had very different answers for what it means to be an independent contractor. Tune in to hear their discussion with our CEO, Chad Nitschke.

Listen to the full Ready. Set. Work. episode on Soundcloud here!

Bunker’s goal is to learn as much as possible about the gig economy, to make the future of work a painless place for independent contractors, enterprises, and staffing professionals alike. By seamlessly embedding business insurance into the onboarding process, we’re removing a barrier to work, so everyone can get back to doing what they do best. We had a great time in Minneapolis learning from the dynamic community paving the way for the future or work!