Wellness in the Workplace featuring Heather Waibel, CEO & Founder of Welnys

On this episode, Chad and Heather discuss wellness in the workplace, the freelance wellness industry, and how her platform, Welnys, connects the two. Tune in to learn how goats, dolphins, and mimes could spice up your workplace wellness program!

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Chad: I see. And then, when people talk about freelancers, and independent professionals in general, I think one of the benefits that we hear a lot about is that they take time for themselves and their health during the day, whether it’s going for a run maybe in the afternoon. But then on the flip side of that, without a routine, you hear about freelancers working, let’s say, more than a typical 40 hours a week, even if it’s spread out differently throughout the day. And I’m curious, as someone who sees your independent workers on Welnys, and then the workplaces kind of intersect, do you see one as being healthier than the other?

Heather: Yeah, and I think with our vendors we get both sides of that. So, we have some vendors that really are doing this as their entire career, and so they have that flexibility to accept the jobs that they want to and decline the jobs that they don’t want, and so they’re able to manage their schedule that way. But we also have people who, I mentioned, haven’t figured out how to turn their health and wellness business into their full time career, and so they’re actually working even more because they also have like a full time corporate gig, and then they also, at nights and on weekends, are trying to cultivate this health and wellness career. So it’s definitely a mix. I think what’s right for people really depends on the individual and what it is that is right for them in terms of both balance and their goals. But I can definitely tell you that one of the most ironic things, being a health and wellness startup founder, is that it’s very hard for us to have health and wellness in our life, so we’re trying to be cognizant to make time for ourselves, to take breaks, to go work out, to make sure that we’re practicing self-care as well.

Chad: Yeah definitely, from my perspective, I can relate to that, so that would be a great problem to solve, so I’m 100% behind you on that. So, then when you think about the typical, let’s say corporate workplace structure, what aspects do you find the most problematic to, kind of, the holistic wellness of their employees and workers?

Heather: What gets tricky, especially in a larger organization, is you have different kinds of employees, and so you may have corporate offices, and you may also have retail storefronts, and you may have a call center. So a good example of this would be like a bank, where they have all three kinds of workplaces. And so it gets tricky to offer a really cohesive wellness solution that works well in all of those different environments. For example, you clearly wouldn’t have, like, a bootcamp class in your retail bank because that’s not going to be a good fit. Call centers are also very tricky to bring wellness to because, especially if they’re an inbound call center, you can’t really predict when somebody’s going to be able to get off the phone. And so each of these environments requires kind of a specific solution. So we really view a holistic wellness program as a company as not necessarily meaning that you’re doing exactly the same thing in every office, for every employee, but more that you’re providing a wellness opportunity for all of your employees, and that that solution has been to tailored to work for what’s best for that particular office environment.

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