“Diving Below the Surface” Ft. tilr CEO, Carisa Miklusak

On this episode, we learn about algorithmic hiring, bias in the workplace, and how diving below the surface to look at skills rather than titles could make the future of work a more equitable place for everyone.

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From the Episode:

“What I want to introduce is really this idea of unconscious bias. That’s not a negative thing, it’s simply something that we have as people. Oftentimes, hence the name unconscious bias, we’re not even aware of it. And it comes from our backgrounds and the way that we were raised or the experiences that we had or didn’t have. And again, it’s not intentional. When you allow an algorithm to sort through the data you remove not only intentional, but also unconscious bias. And that together provides the first lens in recruitment that allows you to focus on one thing: the person’s capability to do the job. And we haven’t seen that ever in recruitment. And as we think about the values of the new workforce, I believe it’s the only type of tool that they’re going to subscribe to and accept. So I think it’s incredibly powerful.”

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