Goodbye PDFs, Hello Live Certificates of Insurance!

Bunker is making it simple and easy for all contractors in cybersecurity consulting, information technology, and E-Seller marketplaces to purchase and share small and medium-sized business insurance documentation with our Live Certificate of Insurance. Bunker provides 100% digitally available and revisable certificates of insurance to our customer base and members. Traditionally, proof of insurance has been represented and shared by businesses through a static PDF Accord form. The Bunker Live COI and software services take the contractor’s insurance information and turns it into a digital and dynamic living document, which can be updated and shared with a click of a button.


The problem with PDFs or paper documents like the Accord form, is that the moment a contractor edits or changes their coverage, such as adding a new contract with a new additional insured, the old certificate form expires and is no longer valid. In this case, the newly hired contractor must contact their broker, request an updated certificate of insurance, wait for the changes to be made, and receive a new PDF Accord form via email. This existing, analog process can be slow and take up to 7-10 days. Additionally, traditional brokers will often charge contractors fees to make these changes. It also becomes difficult for contractors with short-term policies, who may go through three or more Certificates of Insurance over the course of a single year.

The Live COI addresses the dynamic nature of insurance in the On-Demand economy. Whenever you get a new contract, you can simply log into your Bunker account, make any necessary updates, and share your Live COI as many times as you need to. Your Bunker Live COI can be viewed and downloaded by anyone you share it with at no charge. If you make changes to your policy, they will update in real-time, so you’ll only ever need to share your certificate once per contract, even if you have to make updates to your coverage.


For example, let’s say you worked with a company two years ago who required general liability coverage. They’ve hired you for another contract, but the Certificate of Insurance they have on file has long since expired. Additionally, this time they’re requiring both General and Professional Liability coverage. If you’ve already purchased the policy, simply head to your Bunker account, type in their email and they’ll see your updated Certificate of insurance. If you don’t have what you need for the contract, select add coverage, choose the required coverages, set the term length to last through the end of your contract, and share when you’re done (the whole process takes about 5-10 minutes).

If you purchased insurance elsewhere, simply upload your Accord form, and Bunker will convert it into a digital document that’s ready to share. Then, whenever you need to make changes, add coverage, or renew your policy, you can do so through your Bunker account in just a few clicks.

Sharing Your Live COI

Insurance is a tedious but necessary part of every business relationship. The Live COI was created to make the process of sharing proof of insurance smooth and painless, so you can get to work as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about the Live COI, give us a call anytime at (877) 968-9108, email us at, or head to and live chat with one of our insurance advisors!

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