How to Send a Hug over Amazon

Have you ever had a loved one going through a tough time, and wanted nothing more than to wrap them in a hug? With our family and friends increasingly spread across different states, countries, and even continents, it’s not always possible to get to the people who need us most. That’s why Shelly and Gene created BlankieGram. In 2013, the pair decided to create a way to send a hug you couldn’t be there physically to give, in the form of an impossibly soft blanket. 

BlankieGram strives to bring comfort and positive thoughts to those who need them. They partner with healing organizations like hospitals and crisis support networks, and donate thousands of blankets to let others know they have someone on their team. You can also purchase blankets to send to friends and family on Amazon, as well as We sat down with Shelly to learn more about how she and Gene built their business, and how it has continued to warm thousands of lives ever since. 


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Credit: Instagram, @blankiegram

What inspired you to create BlankieGram?

My business partner, Gene, and I have been friends for years. In 2013 we decided we wanted to work together again to create something that made a difference in people’s lives. After some thought between the two of us, Blankiegram was born. 

There are many ways you can show somebody you’re thinking of them, but not many ways last. Flowers begin to wilt, plants need upkeep, but the blankets are like a never-ending hug. Being able to provide people who are in the hospital comfort from afar was an idea we couldn’t turn away from.


How does BlankieGram work?

Shelly Pollock, Co-Founder of BlankieGram. Photo Credit: Jaime Valdez

From our site, visitors can purchase a variety of blankets for their family and friends. Each blanket is designed with a specific meaning in mind, ranging from a blankets for new mothers to blankets of love. You are able to purchase the blankets in various colors and have them shipped directly to your loved one to receive it.

With the purchases made, Blankiegram is also able to give back quite a bit. We work with organizations who support those who may not be able to receive a blanket otherwise because everybody deserves to feel the warmth of a hug. 


What is your favorite part about owning BlankieGram?

Through something as simple as a blanket, we are able to touch people in a very heartwarming way and bring comfort to them during a not so comfortable time of their lives. From one side, being able to send a blanket to your loved one, knowing you physically cannot be there with them, is comforting to the sender. From the other side, receiving a blanket is just as comforting. The receiver gets to be wrapped in positive, healing messages from the person they received it from.


What types of products do you offer?

As the name suggests, our throw blankets were the starting point of Blankiegram. We originally started with one type of blanket, the “healing thoughts” blanket, but that was just the beginning. We now have blankets for all types of situations; blankets that support healing, comfort, bravery, meditation, faith, and honor mothers. Each blanket has encouraging words to help people through whatever they may be going through. With the expansion of the types of blankets, our blankets also come in a range of colors. 

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We also have handmade bracelets to purchase to remind your loved ones they are in your thoughts with a constant reminder around their wrist. We currently have a “healing energy”, “blessings”, and an “I love you” bracelet available in a few different colors on our site.


How has Bunker helped your business flourish?

The policies we purchased for Blankiegram give us room to grow. It’s our hope to continue to create these blankets and spread our message to a wider audience, and having insurance policies that fit our needs is the perfect place to start. 


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