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Dionne Washington
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Dionne Washington was working with an award winning event planning company when she decided to strike out on her own. With 8 years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful memories, she began Dionne Events. Bringing together a talented team of planners, designers and coordinators, Dionne Events walks clients through every step of the planning process, to make sure their special day is perfect. Dionne Events was awarded the Best of the Knot award in 2017, and has been featured in multiple blogs and magazines in the three years since its creation.

We sat down with Dionne to learn about what it was like to build her business, and how she keeps its future protected.



What was the journey like to create Dionne Events, and where has it grown to today?

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Creating Dionne Events was very natural for me. I started planning weddings for my friends and family, and knew this was the direction I wanted the business to go. I had experience with another event planning company, but decided to create Dionne Events in 2016 after realizing there was much more I wanted to do creatively.

What sets Dionne Events apart from other event planning services is our dedication to each client and our great attention to detail. Our clients rely on us to make sure all of the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted and we have proven they can count on us to do this. We spend a lot of our time prior to the event planning, negotiating contracts, and hosting meetings to make sure everything has been addressed and the client feels as comfortable as they can. Clear communication with vendors is one of the most important things you must have as a planner and designer, so being completely aware of the client’s vision is crucial.


What type of events do you typically plan?

Dionne Events is a full or partial planning service, with roughly 70% of our clientele being wedding clients. The remaining 30% are non-profit organizations or private clients who wish to hire us for their fundraising events or social gatherings, such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

Primarily serving the wedding industry, when a couple gets engaged they reach out to us to help them start the planning! We are really the first step in the planning process for their special day. Taking the first step with our clients is great because we can help them find the right vendors who fit their budget, style, and personalities.

We also design events with floral, linen and exquisite furniture rentals. We are known for our fresh flower walls, which many designers don’t particularly enjoy because of the work that goes into it. This works well for our clients because we LOVE designing them! 


What’s your favorite part about owning your business?

Credit: Instagram, @dionneevents

My favorite part about Dionne Events is serving our clients. I have a close relationship with all of my clients, many of which become life-long friends even after the event has ended. Being able to get to know the clients as people rather than customers helps us not only in creating that relationship, but in executing the vision of their dreams.

Because of the work we do and relationships we form, we are known for our amazing reviews and happy clientele. We are so grateful they have wonderful things to say about us because this means their special day went exactly as planned.



How has Bunker helped you build your business?

Almost all of the venues we work with, both in-state and out of state, require liability insurance from the wedding planner as soon as our clients sign their contract with the venue. It is imperative to have the right policies that are acceptable to these venues. The policy that I chose to purchase with Bunker was more than enough for the venues that we have worked with. Without Bunker, Dionne Events wouldn’t be able to step foot into any venue.



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