Spotlight: Beary Sensitive

The products we put on our body matter just as much as the products we put into our body. Knowing what is in your skincare products is just the beginning. Beary Sensitive strives to create clean, affordable products for those with sensitive skin needs, making beneficial beauty products more widely accessible. 

We sat down with Ayesha Murphy, the woman behind Beary Sensitive, to learn more about her business and how she is helping soothe skin conditions through organic skin care.


What inspired you to create Beary Sensitive LLC? 

The journey to create Beary Sensitive LLC started because of personal experience. The medical ointment my daughter needed for her eczema became too expensive, but it was something that she needed. Upon reading and researching the ingredients in the ointment, I realized there were ingredients I didn’t feel comfortable having exposure to on a long term basis.

With this in mind, I started to research natural herbs that can help with eczema relief and began to make my own soaps at home!

What is Beary Sensitive LLC’s main focus?

Beary Sensitive U-N-I-Tea-Y Soap

Beary Sensitive is a minority, women owned business that is dedicated to using the highest quality natural ingredients to create our products. Our products are formulated for people with sensitive skin and skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Each product can be used on any type of skin throughout any stage of your life. 

We strive to use ingredients that are good for you and good for the world we live in. Each product is composed of predominantly organic ingredients, containing no GMO. In addition to our focus on what we put in our products, we ensure each is created cruelty free. Keeping this in mind, we have created a line of soaps and bath soaks using only the best ingredients.


Tell us about the business itself – where have you found success selling your products?

The majority of our business comes from online sales, trade shows and curated gift baskets. Customers interested in what we sell can visit our website to view our current product offerings.  

We also work with a few Keller Williams realtors to create curated gift baskets for new homeowners. Our baskets are built around bath and relaxation to help new homeowners feel the very best in their new homes.

For future growth, we are looking to connect with retailers of various sizes to get our products into stores to expand our brand and message. We are also looking to partner with other gift basket distributors to spread safe and healthy soaps more widely. 


What’s your favorite part about owning your business?

My favorite part of owning my business is seeing the fruition of my labor pay off through positive customer feedback. As I continue to receive repeat clients, it helps reiterate my purpose and drive me to keep improving. I look forward to seeing Beary Sensitive become a large brand name and continue to serve customer needs.

Have you run into any challenges along the way?

The most difficult part of my business is trying to differentiate myself from other online retailers. Starting out as a brand new business, I have found one of the best ways to make myself known is by attending trade shows. These events help me connect with individuals and companies I may not have had the chance to connect with otherwise and provide them with a hands-on experience of our products. I’m able to tell my story at these events and get people engaged in my company to create a more diverse client base.


How has Bunker helped you build your business?

When I purchased insurance with Bunker, it helped give my company more legitimacy within the business world. The policy I purchased from Bunker allowed me to submit proposals to larger companies to help expand our product availability. The trade shows we attend also require a certain amount of insurance, so the policies we have cover this as well. Bunker made it very easy for me to modify the coverages I needed for my insurance, helping with the products that we offer.


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