Agero Insurance Requirement Guide

Insurance Requirements for Agero Service Providers

Partnering with a roadside assistance network is one of the best ways for towing companies to succeed. With a steady stream of demand and little marketing or brand awareness needed, it’s no surprise that thousands of Towing companies become service providers for roadside assistance networks like Agero. For many towing companies, the final (and most difficult) step to signing up as a service provider is getting a certificate of insurance that meets Agero’s insurance requirements.

There is a perfect storm of factors making insurance tricky for towing and roadside assistance providers. For starters, most roadside assistance networks have different requirements, so it can be confusing to try and meet all of them. Secondly, some insurance carriers don’t offer the limits that networks require, which can make it difficult to find coverage at all. Finally, the auto insurance industry has become significantly more competitive in the past few years, making policies more expensive.

At Bunker, we’re working to change this by helping carriers enter the market with new, affordable products, and simplifying the process for towing companies.

This article will give you a simple guide to the Coverages, Limits and Endorsements that Agero requires, what they cover, and how to get a Certificate of Insurance that meets your requirements quickly and affordably.

Agero Service Provider Insurance Requirements

As an Agero Service Provider, the insurance requirements in your contract will vary based on the work you’re doing. Click the coverages and endorsements below to learn more about what they cover! In the next section, we’ll provide easy, pre-made policies for both Towing and Non-Towing providers, with all of your requirements built in.

All Providers:

Towing Providers, Add:

  • Garage Keepers – $150K
  • On-Hook – $150K
  • Cargo – $150K

How to Meet Agero’s Insurance Requirements

As we mentioned above, finding affordable coverage that meets your insurance requirements is next to impossible for towing providers. It can take weeks to get a certificate of insurance with the right coverages and limits. Then, you’ll often have to go back and forth with your insurance agent multiple times to get the Additional Insured and other endorsement language right. That’s why we’ve pre-built policies that come with every element of Agero’s insurance requirement already included. Select a policy below, fill out a quick, 5 minute application, and one of our licensed insurance advisors will reach out to get you exactly what you need.

If you already have an agent or broker that you enjoy working with, make sure you’re very specific about your business and your insurance requirements. For example, if the certificate holder and additional insured language isn’t exactly correct, Agero may require you to provide a new certificate. Copy and paste the following language, or refer your agent to this article.

Additional Insured:

Agero Administrative Service Corp. and its affiliates are additionally insured for both ongoing and completed operations on the General Liabiltiy and Auto Policies.

Certificate Holder:

Agero Administrative Service Corp.

400 Rivers Edge Drive

Medford, MA 02155

If you have any questions, or need help understanding your requirements, reach out to, or give us a call at (877) 968-9108. Our team of licensed insurance advisors is here to make this process as simple and affordable as possible, so that insurance isn’t a barrier to your business.

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