“The Future of Manufacturing” Ft. Veryable CEO & Co-founder, Mike Kinder

On this episode of Ready. Set. Work., Chad sits down with Mike Kinder, Co-founder and CEO of Veryable, to talk COVID-19, Supply chains, and the future of the manufacturing industry. Learn how Veryable is bringing the new generation of skilled workers into the manufacturing space, what COVID-19 has taught us about the Status Quo, and how flexible staffing can help manufacturers across the country rebuild in a more sustainable, scalable way.

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From the Episode:

It’s a lot like cloud computing, you know, when you think about labor. Labor is treated as a variable cost technically, but it doesn’t behave that way. It’s a fixed cost. You plan your head count, you plan that out indefinitely, and you kind of hope that the needs of the business match what you planned. And, you know, when you think of cloud computing, that’s not how that operates. You pay by the bit as you go. And labor should behave a lot like that. And that’s what we’re trying to mimic… I mean, think about if tech startups had to buy servers these days. That would be a nightmare.

Chad Nitschke:

“We can’t really talk about supply chain or workforce structure or e-commerce without talking about, kind of, the real point in time and COVID-19, and I’m just curious, could you touch on kind of how the pandemic has impacted the manufacturing and supply chain industry, and maybe what kind of challenges and opportunities it’s created, for them and for you?”

Mike Kinder:

“Yeah, well, there’s a number of ways to have this discussion. I think there’s a forward-looking conversation that’s positive and a backwards looking conversation that’s a negative. Maybe I’ll allude to the positive side, and then come back to that. But I think there’s going to be a windfall. I think we understand what went wrong. I think people are going to have to own up to those mistakes, but there’s going to be no way around it, the US is going to be the beneficiary of a lot of new manufacturing volume, whether it’s new or returning….

What’s happening is we’re exposing a lot of myths about the space, and people are going to have to be honest about it.”

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