New Features

At Bunker, we’re always working towards making your insurance process as easy, efficient, and secure as possible. Check out a few of our newest features below! As always, we love to hear your feedback. To learn more about these features, or suggest new ones, submit a feature request or reach out to!

Compliance Report Download

Pro Feature

Now, you can download a full compliance report right from your Bunker account, including expiration dates, compliance status, and non-compliance reasons! The data is available in a CSV format that’s easy to sort, and share with your team, or turn into charts for stakeholder presentations. You can even filter by requirement, and download separate reports for each segment of your supply chain!

You can also choose to have your full report sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Non-Compliance Details

The Compliance Report Download includes detailed non-compliance reasons, so you’ll know exactly which element of a contract insurance requirement is not being met.

If they received a waiver for that coverage, limit, or endorsement, you can update their status and track waivers for your entire supplier base!

Status Reports

Pro Feature

Status reports provide real time information about where your vendors, contractors and suppliers are in the compliance process! Whether they request a quote from Bunker or upload their Certificate of Insurance to be screened, we’ll keep you in the loop on their progress, and the communication they’ve had with our team of advisors.

Your report will include information like how recently an advisor reached out to your supplier, where they are in the quoting process, when the next outreach will be, and who has recently become compliant.

To dive even deeper, activate your custom Slack channel to speak directly with an advisor whenever you have a question!

Multi-COI Creation

Pro Feature

Often times, providers are working with multiple clients at a time and need unique COIs for each. Whether the coverage requirements vary, or they simply need to list different certificate holders and additional insureds, Bunker ensures that they meet each individual requirement on the first try.

Multi-Requirement Compliance

Pro Feature

Once a vendor, contractor or supplier is in your Bunker account, you can attach them to new requirements at any time, and instantly check whether their current coverage is sufficient. If not, Bunker’s team of licensed advisors will spring into action to ensure that they meet their new requirement!

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