New Feature: New Progress Statuses

Introducing: Detailed Progress Statuses

Your Bunker Dashboard and Reporting are getting an upgrade! You’re all familiar with the high-level compliance statuses in your dashboard, which let you know whether or not your contractors meet their insurance requirements. In order to give you more insight into the various stages in the compliance process, we’re doubling the number of statuses! Now, you’ll be able to see exactly where your contractors are in the compliance process at a glance, and gain even further insight in your CSV reporting.

Bunker Compliance Statuses


The account was created as part of a bulk-data import during onboarding, but does not have any policies or documents in their account yet.

Previous Status: Needs Review

A contractor has created their Bunker account via a requirement link that you shared with them. However, they have not taken the next step (uploaded a certificate or completed the information necessary to provide a quote).

Previous Status: Needs Review

A contractor has uploaded their Certificate of Insurance, which has been digitized by our software, but has not yet been verified by a member of our team.

Previous Status: Needs Review

A contractor is working with our team of advisors to get a quote, but has not yet purchased their policy.


Our team has verified the information in a contractor’s COI, but it does not meet their requirement. We are working with the contractor to add the missing pieces they’ll need in order to be marked Compliant, or approve waivers for those elements.

Bunker Policies:
A contractor has purchased their insurance policy through Bunker, and their certificates of insurance are currently being created.


The Contractor meets their insurance requirement.


The Contractor does not meet their insurance requirement, and is not currently in the process of working with a Bunker advisor to resolve the errors in their COI.

How It Works

Coming Soon

This spring, we’re adding two other highly anticipated fields to your dashboard as well: Non-Responsiveness and Expiration Date. These fields will help you understand at a glance which contractors are expired (or expiring soon), and which businesses may need an extra nudge to take the next step in the compliance process.

We’re also adding flexibility to your process, by allowing your team to waive coverages, limits, and language on a case-by-case basis. By clicking ‘View Coverage,’ you’ll be able to see exactly which elements of your requirement are missing from a certificate of insurance, and can choose to waive them right from your dashboard!

These features will not be available to members with a free Bunker account.

Ready to get started, or want to learn more about how Bunker makes the compliance process simple, transparent, and efficient? Click below or email!