How To Waive Coverages & Limits

Welcome to the new Live Certificate of Insurance Panel!

This tutorial will give you all of the information you need to get the most out of the new functionality. Skip ahead by clicking a section in the table of contents.

Viewing Coverage

To access the Live Certificate of Insurance Panel, simply select View Coverage next to a contractor in your Contracts Tab, just as you would have before. The panel will slide out from the left side of your screen, without losing your place or the filters you’ve set.

Understanding Compliance Status

The status at the top of the panel will tell you where the insured is in the compliance process. There are some stages during which you will not be able to waive coverages (but we’ll dive into that later).

Below is a brief overview of the stages, and how wavers function within them. For a more detailed look at the various stages, check out Detailed Compliance Statuses.

Imported, Account Created, and Quoting

There are two ways that an insured can make it into your account – importing a list during onboarding, or inviting them via requirement link. An imported status means that the insured’s information is in our system, but they have not accessed their account. Account Created, indicates that they created the account themselves. 

During both of these stages, the insured does not yet have a certificate of insurance in their account, so you won’t see any policies in their coverage panel. However, if their certificate of insurance was sent to you by mistake, you will be able to upload it into their account from this screen in the coming weeks!

Quoting indicates that they are currently working with our advisors to get a quote for a new policy. This is the third stage in which they will not have policies listed in their account. 

COI Uploaded

This stage indicates that a new document has been uploaded into the insured’s account. This is an interim stage, during which the COI is parsed by our software but has not yet been verified by our team. The software is always learning and improving, but there’s no replacement for human eyes. 

To avoid confusion, you will not be allowed to apply or reject waivers until our team has verified that the details listed are 100% accurate

Waiver Screen - Certificate of Insurance Uploaded - View Coverage


If you have a free Bunker account, your membership does not include COI screening. If an insured uploads a Certificate of Insurance, they will remain in this stage where you can see the output generated by the software. This can be helpful for entering the information into your own tracking tools – though we recommend verifying that it matches the document, as our team will not have corrected any inaccuracies.

In Review

Once our team has verified and updated the information in our system, your insured will either be listed as ‘Compliant,’ or ‘In Review.’ This stage indicates that the insured’s certificate did not meet the requirement, and our advisors are working with them (or their agent / broker) to update their coverage. 

Here’s where waivers come in:
At this point, you have the ability to see why an insured does not meet their requirement, and determine whether you’d like to make any exception. There will be 1 business day between when an insured enters the ‘In Review’ stage, and when our advisors begin reaching out to them. This is a window of opportunity for you to pre-waive elements before our advisors ask them to meet the full requirement. 

For example, if you see that an insured does not meet the General Liability Aggregate Limit, but that they do have an Umbrella Liability Policy which fills the gap, you can choose to waive the aggregate limit. 

If this is the only missing piece, they will be marked compliant and our advisors will let them know that they’re all set! If there are other noncompliant elements, our advisors will begin reaching out to remedy those. 


If you have a Free Bunker Account, In Review indicates that we are creating the physical PDF Certificate for a policy purchased from us. You will only see this status for insureds who purchase from Bunker, as we do not review uploaded Certificates at the Basic Tier. Check back soon and you should have a compliant status with a PDF Certificate ready to download!

Not Compliant

When an insured is marked Not Compliant, it means that their certificate does not meet the requirement, and they are also not actively working with our advisors to remedy their coverage. This could be because their current certificate expired, or because they haven’t responded to our advisors efforts to bring them into compliance (‘Non-Responsiveness’ will be displayed as a status in your account this spring!). 

You will still have the ability to waive missing elements when an insured is Not Compliant. 


If an insured is marked Not Compliant, it may mean that they did not purchase the full required policy from Bunker. While we provide a quote that meets the full requirement, insureds will occasionally opt to purchase lower levels of insurance, or remove certain coverages. If this is the case, please instruct the insured to come back to Bunker and purchase the remaining elements of the requirement. 

If they purchased the remaining coverages elsewhere, or you would like to waive the missing elements, you will be able to do so by creating a new requirement for the insured when our new Contracts and Requirements tabs are released this spring! Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks.

Reading the Live Certificate of Insurance

The new live COI displays all of the coverages and limits on the various documents that the insured has uploaded into their account. It also tracks the requirement they’re tied to.

Green coverages and limits meet or exceed the requirement. Red coverages and limits do not meet the requirement. The required limit is displayed below so that you can easily see how far off they are.

The expiration date for each coverage is listed on the right side of the panel, directly across from the Coverage Name. Some insureds will have multiple different expiration dates within their Certificate of Insurance. If a limit has been waived, the date that is was waived will be displayed directly to the right of the waiver. 

To see more detailed information, like policy numbers and additional limits, click ‘View Certificate’ to see the PDF copy.

Waiving Coverages & Limits

Waiving an element indicates to Bunker that you would like to accept the current amount that the insured has, even though it is less than required. Simply click ‘Waive’ next to the limit that you’d like to accept.

Remember to waive each noncompliant limit within a coverage if you’d like to accept the full coverage.

Once an element has been waived, you will see the date that the waiver was approved directly to the right. You can also undo the waiver by selecting the red X. 

If all of the noncompliant elements have been waived, the insured will be marked ‘compliant’ within 1 business day, and the advisors will let them know that their certificate has been accepted.

Tracking Waivers

*Coming Soon*

Bunker tracks the date and time that waivers were approved, along with the user who approved the waiver. You will be able to easily export this information from your Reporting Tab (Coming Soon). You will also be able to see internal notes attached to previous waivers, such as ‘Not Statutorily Required,’ or ‘Approved by Member A 06/2020.”