New Requirements Tab

Welcome to your new Requirements Tab!

Your new Requirements Tab allows you to quickly and easily see which contractors are attached to a requirement, view compliance statistics, and add new contractors.

The initial page will look similar to the Requirement Tab you’re accustomed to. Expand a requirement, and you’ll find details including coverages, limits, language, and other noted requirements.


Enter an email to share the requirement with a new contractor! They’ll receive an email with a link to create their account and upload their certificate of insurance. (You can also add a new contractor by creating them from your Contracts tab – Click here to learn how!)


Below the information block, there is a tab displaying all contractors tied to the requirement. You can navigate between the tabs to see your contractors broken out by compliance status.

Expand a contractor for more detailed information on their status. Here, you’ll be able to access their View Coverage Panel, as well as upload a certificate of insurance on their behalf! 

*This process is replacing the legacy ‘Upload on Behalf’ form. Please use either this method, or one of the methods available in your Contracts tab to upload any future certificates on behalf of an insured*



At the very bottom of the drop down, you’ll see an ‘Add Contractor’ option, which will allow you to attach an already existing contractor to the requirement. To add a new contractor, head to the Contracts Tab and select the desired requirement in the ‘Create a New Contractor’ form. 



The process for creating a new requirement has not changed. As always, we strongly suggest verifying any new requirements that your team creates with your account manager before sharing with or attaching to insureds. 

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