A Guide to Your Compliance Dashboard

Welcome to Your Compliance Dashboard!

The Compliance Dashboard shows you summary metrics on the data that matters most when tracking certificates of insurance. The interactive charts display upcoming expiration dates and compliance metrics across your entire contractor base.

To dive into specific subsets, scroll down to the newly enhanced reporting section!

Account Overview

The Account Overview shows you the breakdown of your entire contractor base by compliance status.

Hover over segments of the pie chart to see how many of your contractors are in each of the various stages of compliance!

As a reminder, we’ve added several new stages this year to increase visibility for our members – check out Detailed Statuses for a refresher on what each stage means.

Expiration Forecast

This shows all of the expirations happening in the coming months. Remember, expirations are tracked on a policy level. If an insured has more than one expiration date on their certificate of insurance, they will each be listed as separate expirations, and trigger the automated renewal reminders in our system. So don’t worry if you see more expirations than you have contractors – we’re just making sure that each and every policy stays compliant throughout the year!

Our automated renewal reminders begin 30 days prior to expiration (for most members). We’ve color coded the forecast to make it easy to tell which contractors are already receiving communications from Bunker about their renewal.

This is meant to be used as a forecast, meaning the months on the X axis are forward looking. For example, if you’re looking at your Expiration Forecast in July 2021, the month of October will show all contractors with a policy expiring in October 2021. The best way to get a rundown of contractors who have already expired is to download a filtered report (Check out the Reporting Guide to learn more). 


Non-responsive indicates that we have reached out to an insured the maximum amount of times specified in our SLA, and we have not heard a response. 


Bunker is unique to other certificate management services in that we work directly with insureds to update their certificates of insurance. Insurance brokers and agents get thousands of requests each week for new certificates. They don’t always have a vested interest in providing COIs quickly, and can be slow to respond to non-customers. However, your contractors know that they need a verified certificate before they can begin (or continue) working with you. 

Even so, insurance is usually the last thing on a small business’ mind. If we’ve reached out to them repeatedly and haven’t gotten a response, a gentle nudge from your team can significantly expedite the process! Simply download the list of emails, and reach out by BCCing the contractors or uploading the list to your email tool. Learn more about the Non-Responsiveness Report in your Reporting Guide.

This fall, we are releasing the highly anticipated Notifications Page, which will include a templated message that you can use to re-engage non-responsive contractors. For now, you can copy the message from below, or work with your account manager to craft one specifically tailored to your insureds.


Bunker let us know that they still haven’t heard back from you regarding your certificate of insurance. As a reminder, we work with Bunker to verify that you meet the insurance requirements in your contract.

Please upload a new certificate of insurance into your Bunker account as soon as possible. To upload, go to www.buildbunker.com/Login, and log in using the email that received this message. If you don’t know your password, simply select ‘Forgot Password,’ and you’ll be able to reset it.

If you already uploaded a certificate, please check your email for a message from Bunker which may include changes that you need to make in order to meet your requirements. If you don’t see any emails, check your promotions and spam folders, or reach out to support@buildbunker.com!

Thank you,

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