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Every Wednesday, Bunker holds a live demo, open to all of our current members and anyone interested in seeing the platform in action!

Personal Demo

Sign up below and an account manager will schedule a personalized demo, to show you how to tailor the platform to your specific needs!

What to Expect on Your Demo

Bunker has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes streamline insurance. We work with construction companies, startups, gig marketplaces, staffing and HR leaders, and more! No two companies have exactly the same needs, so our demos are designed to help your unique company get the most out of your Bunker account!

On a demo, you'll learn how to:

  • Create insurance requirement templates
  • Share requirements with your contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Track the compliance status of your contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Set up integrations and notifications
  • Access our Licensed Advisors
  • Determine which plan is right for your business
  • Increase compliance without ever looking at another Acord form again!

The Live Demo

We know not everyone wants to schedule a one-on-one demo for every tool they use. That's why we offer Live Demos every Wednesday! Simply sign up for a day that works for you, and tune in online. We'll have time for (anonymous) questions at the end, so you can still get an idea of how Bunker would fit into your unique organization!

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