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Welcome to Bunker! We’ve partnered with CXC Global to make your insurance experience as simple as possible. Click below, fill out a few questions about your business, and we’ll find you a quote in as little as 3 minutes!

If you have any questions, real advisors will be available via live chat to help you out.

Who is Bunker?

Bunker is a licensed digital insurance broker, dedicated to making the insurance process painless for independent contractors, vendors, suppliers and small businesses. Our dedicated team of real advisors are here to answer any and all questions, and find the best price available for your business.

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Not Sure What You Need?

Learn more about the terms in your insurance requirements, and the most common coverages for businesses like you!

Insurance 101 -General Liability
What is General Liability?
Insurance 101 -Professional Liability
What is Professional Liability?
Insurance 101 -Additional insured
What is an Additional Insured?