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Contingent Workforce Management and the Future of Work.
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Bunker is a lot of things – a venture backed startup, a technology platform, a licensed digital insurance broker, and a fierce advocate for the future of work. But first and foremost, Bunker is a collection of passionate team members working hard to solve our customers’ problems.


  • Spotlight: The Other Boys of Summer

    Lauren Meyer is an Emmy-nominated director, talented producer, and passionate civil rights advocate. Her work has aired on top networks and streaming services including ABC, NBC, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon, PBS, Hulu, and ESPN, among others. Her most recent project, The Other Boys of Summer explores civil rights in America through […] Read More
  • Spotlight: Singular Value Consulting

    Data privacy laws are top of mind for executives in any industry. With the legislation like the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) going into effect in January 2020, more and more companies are turning to industry experts to make sure their algorithms are up to code – and quickly. For […] Read More
  • Spotlight: Beary Sensitive

    The products we put on our body matter just as much as the products we put into our body. Knowing what is in your skincare products is just the beginning. Beary Sensitive strives to create clean, affordable products for those with sensitive skin needs, making beneficial beauty products more widely […] Read More
  • How the Gig Economy Could Solve the Mechanic Shortage

    Spotlight: Find A Wrench Find A Wrench works with dealerships and repair shops across the country to help them find and acquire top talent. They help clients hire techs by managing job postings on over 100 job boards, actively recruiting in over 500 social media groups, performing personalized outreach, and […] Read More