Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Bunker’s Usage Based Insurance is a one-of-a-kind product, developed with Chubb, to support the future of work. Rather than being locked into year-long policies, independent professionals, vendors, suppliers and small businesses can purchase short-term policies that match the length of their contracts. Policies can be purchased online in as little as 2 minutes, and shared in seconds with anyone requiring proof of insurance.

Commitment Free

Policies are tailored to the length you need, from 3-16 months.


Available exclusively from Bunker!


The entire process is online, and takes only about 5 minutes


Backed by Chubb, a global insurer with over $150B in assets


Easy, online payments can be broken down into monthly installments for no extra charge, starting at $21/month

Easy to Share

Easily update proof of insurance and share with anyone requiring it, right from your Bunker account

“My last broker refused to issue a COI for a five day gig this past week. The brokers said I have to pay for another year (which meant coming in to their office and I couldn’t since I was out of town) before they would issue the COI. So I hopped on Bunker and got all set up easily. I don’t have to request a COI for each company and wait for a response from the broker. I can send a COI within minutes. I even did so from the airport last night while waiting on my luggage.

- Dave, IT Consultant

The UBI Story

"For the first time an independent professional can purchase project specific general and professional liability and secure proof in two minutes on our platform"

The Live COI

Buying insurance instantly wasn't enough - so we decided to make sharing instant too! Check out Bunker's Live COI, one of the only dynamic certificates of insurance in the industry:

Learn more about the Live COI

Live COI Screenshot

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