Our Story


Chad Nitschke

CEO & Co-Founder
"good at insurance"


Dan Feidt

Head of Product Design & Co-Founder
"good at design"

The Bunker origin story is rooted in frustration. After spending 15 years at leading insurance companies - Chad Nitschke was frustrated with the lack of change in the $100B US small business insurance industry, knowing it should be better, all while living in San Francisco and watching startups in every other area of financial services drive innovation. From inside the industry, he was perpetuating more problems than he was solving. Chad knew insurance but needed someone to help him turn ideas into reality - enter Dan Feidt. During that time Dan was designing leading-edge digital experiences for top consumer brands - Nike, Starbucks, and Wilson Athletics to name a few. It was a perfect duo to start tackling the problem. They connected through a mutual friend (Kevin Kiser, who later joined the Bunker team as Head of Client Solutions), and over the course of 2015 started to build Bunker. For more insight into the Bunker origins story check out this article on Carrier Management.