Compliance Reporting Guide

Compliance Reporting Has Never Been Easier!

Your new reporting page will make it easier than ever to export any and all compliance information. We’ve added 7 new report types, allowing you to access information on everything from compliance to  insurance coverages and limits, requirement details, waivers, responsiveness, and more! We’ve added detailed filters empowering your team to export the exact data set that they need without all of the clutter. 

Below is an overview of each report type, and how your team can use them to improve your compliance process and insights. Click the sample reports, or take a look at the comparison chart below, to see which data points are included in each report! 

Custom Data Field

We’ve added a new, custom field that will pull into your reporting! This field is applied on a contract level, and can be edited in the Contracts Tab. 

You can use this field for company-specific data, like account numbers, tiers, or other unique identifiers that enable you to better integrate Bunker reports into your current systems.

Soon, you’ll be able to bulk-edit this field, and organize multiple contractors at once! Stay tuned for the next update.

Full Compliance Report


  • Importing data into your CRM or internal data processing tools
  • Manipulating data in Excel
  • Understanding your contractor base a a whole

Non-Responsiveness Report


  • Quickly re-engaging non-responsive contractors
  • Expediting onboarding
  • Purging legacy contractors from your account

Requirement Details


  • Enterprise / Client Meetings
  • Establishing best practices
  • Updating legacy requirements 

Filtered Reports


  • Quickly accessing specific information
  • Internal reporting and presentations
  • Team members who are responsible for specific requirements or insureds
  • Creating tailored display / summary graphics 

Coverages & Limits


  • Understanding the overall insurance landscape of your contractor base
  • Identifying gaps in liability 
  • Re-assessing requirements 
  • Enterprise / Client Meetings

Waiver Report


  • Understanding when and why waivers are applied 
  • Re-assessing requirements
  • Identifying gaps in liability
  • Nuanced compliance conversations

Comparison Chart

This chart gives you an idea of the data points in each report, so that you can determine which combinations of reports and filters will give you the exact data you’re looking for. Bookmark this page as a reference for your team!

Compliance Dashboard

Learn more about the compliance metrics displayed in your Reporting tab.

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